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History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art whose roots immersed in the history of Thailand. Muay (Thai Boxing) Thai Muay Thai is spoken by native Thais. Muay Thai is a brutal sport and demanding combat sport, with participants with fists, elbows, knees and feet as weapons to strike the enemy. Muay Thai is practiced in Thailand, with international participationclearly growing over the past ten years.

Thai boxing has a historical value, the sport is enjoyed by those who practice it. This history, culture, the Thai government to support forms of boxing has been developed over the centuries, the battle military and imperial, religious influences, cultural heritage, social development.
The original source of Thai boxing can be traced back 2,000 years in southern China Ao Lai tribes that migrated southcentral plains of what is now the Kingdom of Thailand. Since all records of Siam in the history of the period Ayuddhaya Burma have been destroyed, it is difficult for the precise origin of writing. Therefore, the origins of Muay Thai has been passed down orally from generation to generation, with modern Muay Thai fighters against the understanding of the value created by the warrior respectful of them by a combination of artistic skill and explosiveSerenity. It 'been said that great leaders in Thailand, many Thai proven warrior spirit that Muay paved the way for development. In the 15th Century King Naresuan the Great was known for his courage against the Burmese. Phra Chao Suua or King Tiger (1662 -1709) was an enthusiastic supporter of Muay Thai. The Tiger King Muay Thai fights, adopted in all of Thailand.
King Taskin the Great reigned from 1767 to1784 and rose to prominence from the ashes Ayuddhaya when the capital of Siam. The Burmese invaded the city and destroyed all the historical records of Siam. After an intense battle, captured in the Burmese King Taksin Ayuddhaya gathered 500 supporters and fled to the east, which is now known as the Issan region of Thailand. Taskin king built a new army in the region with hak legendary warrior Phraya Pichai DAAB as its supreme commander. The name means hak DAAB 'BrokenSword ", a name that fought as when he fought on, without a sword, after he broke in two during the battle, using techniques such as Muay Thai is now known. Phraya Pichai DAAB hak King Taskin led to a glorious victory on the Burmese inexorable.
Nai Khanom Tom is considered the most famous fighter in boxing history in Thailand. He was the first boxer to have fought in another country. After being held by the Burmese during the war captured Nai Khanom Tom challengedFighting the 10 best boxers of Burmese Bando. He defeated all one after another and brought again the freedom of Siam.
The form of boxing and wrestling in Thailand, in historical times was known as Muay Boran, and has been fighting a battle using significant form of military, therefore, Korat to death. Muay was a special kind of Muay Boran is now Muay Thai was practiced in the heart, the region northeast of Thailand,Issan. Muay Korat is the emphasis was on the force, with the strike in Buffalo is so powerful it might be a Buffalo with one shot.
Muay Boran was finally part of the Siam Society, with entertainment events, festivals and staged, but always kept in combat as a form of military.
Legend has it that in these historical forms of Thai boxing warriors wore hemp dipped his hands tied resin or starch. In extreme battles handswere also broken glass makes it a struggle to the death to deny coverage as seen in the famous movie Kickboxer.
King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) has revived the practice of Siam Muay Thai in his elevation to the throne in 1868. The art was held with participation in a sport in order to convert aid move, self defense, relaxation and personal development. training camps were established throughout the country to allow the practice to bemaintained and developed. Very few modern warehouse bear the ethics and traditions of the original fields, an example is the act of consuming alcohol during the registration in a stock strictly prohibited at all times. Unfortunately, many modern stores in tourist destinations, which are essentially against the initial goal of this secluded training camp have created.
Muay Thai has influenced modern called "The art of eight limbs" and wasModern Western boxing with the adoption of boxing gloves and a square roped ring, which has its origin in Western boxing.
An important part of the tradition of boxing in Thailand, which is still in operation of the Wai Kru, a pre match ritual dance, which is charged to the coach fighters. Wai is a term used, respect for the head and bend derived from the Buddhist tradition and Kru means teacher. Muay Thai trainers are also referred to AA-Jarn but Kru is more appropriate.
Thai KickBoxing
Muay Thai is seen a modern re-birth and growth worldwide in the realization of their importance in Mixed Martial Arts MMA MMA. Many fighters make the trip to Thailand to learn Muay Thai Muay Thai is seen as an essential part of it MMA, which is a testament to the true warriors and sporting values.
The art of Muay Thai kickboxing is not to be confused with the modern. Many of the skills> Muay Thai, the tradition of centuries have been developed, not replicated in the modern kickboxing, the programs are very popular in the U.S. and the world of fitness. However, Muay Thai training provides a superior form of combat, air conditioning and athletic ability because of its technical requirements in the use of impressive eight points.